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1.Cross-cultural critera

1.Cross-cultural criteria

Socio-emotional learning (SEL) and Executive Function (EF) skills are crucial  in  school  learning
and social interaction, as well as in a life-long learning perspective. SEL  refers  to  the  process
through which children and adults acquire and apply knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary
to understand and manage emotions, plan and achieve goals through responsible decisions, feel and show empathy and develop positive relationships with others (1). In turn, EF refers to self-regulatory abilities and skills concerned with attending, planning, monitoring, and regulating thinking, feeling and behaviors that are necessary in school learning and social interaction. SEL and EF should be understood as intertwined concepts. Aspects of the self-regulation required in SEL skills can be understood as EF abilities and skills, and vice versa.



2. Compendium

A compendium of evidence-based and proven components and strategies for enhancing SEL and EF. This compendium is a compilation of evidence-based and proven components and strategies for enhancing socio-emotional learning (SEL) and executive functioning (EF). It is based on the common cross-cultural criteria, presented in Intellectual Output 1 and developed by the international project team of REFLECT. Following the cross-cultural criteria, a literature review of research, reports, and case studies was made, components and strategies were identified, discussed, and agreed upon by the project partners, and this compendium was compiled.


Social and emotional learning (SEL) is defined as “the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions (CASEL, 2013):”. Executive functioning (EF) can be understood as neurocognitive functions involved in planning, attending, monitoring, and regulating emotions, thinking, and behavior. In the REFLECT project we also acknowledge self-regulation (SR) as an overlapping concept between SEL and EF.

3.E-Course for teachers


3. E-course for teachers

In the REFLECT project, we aim to promote children’s social, emotional, and academic engagement and growth by offering evidence-based strategies to enhance SEL and EF in daily practice. Ultimately we aim to decrease the risk of social exclusion and improve pupils' academic performance by enhancing the awareness of the importance of SEL and EF and empowering pupils and their context. We will do this by targeting teachers, parents, and pupils. The age range of 8 to 12 years will be our focus because that age is crucial for interventions on SEL and EF. We developed a list of cross-cultural criteria that are essential for an evidence-based intervention on SEL and EF. Based on the literature review we created a compendium of essential evidence-based components for enhancing SEL and EF.

The same teacher course will be implemented in all countries with at least five school teams participating per country.

The impact of this course will be evaluated through self-report questionnaires.

We want also to empower pupils, teachers, and parents by creating an app with tips and tricks about SEL and EF.

The result will be an easy-to-implement evidence-based toolbox to promote SEL and EF at different levels, that will be cross-cultural and easily transferable to other users (teachers, parents, pupils) and other countries.

If you want to visit the E-course please follow the link:

4. Evaluation of impact

Expected impact

The research on impact provides evidence-based support and materials to evaluate the interventions

Based on the conclusions of this project, schools will be able to make an evidence-based choice in their educational policy

4. Evaluation of impact
5. Development of an app

5. Development of an app

Development of an app for teachers, pupils and parents on SEL and EF

Expected impact
The app will be available for download so it could have a potential impact on a large group of teachers, parents and pupils all over the world.

The use and ratings give an indication of the quality of the program.

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